The Find Your Active ambassadors are all supporters of the Find Your Active campaign. It is our hope that their stories will inspire you to get involved in physical activity and see why they are so passionate about positive movement. As well as this, they are helping to promote physical activity opportunities available in your local communities and support you in finding the activity that is right for you.

To help give you some support, if you’re new to activity, don’t know where to start or just need a helping hand. You can find your active with us! Our local community connectors are here throughout the county to offer this support.

Find Your Active with us!
Ben Clyne
I’m Ben, from Tendring. I love fitness classes such as spinning, HIIT and bootcamps, but my role in the sport and physical activity leisure...
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Chloe and Francesca Townsend
We are Chloe and Francesca Townsend, aka the Townsend Twins! We live in Colchester and have always been interested in fitness and now we...
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David Simmons
I’m David, Co-Director of Changing Lives Community Services in Harlow, Director of Flick Trick Sports and a P.E Teacher in Harlow. I joined the...
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Freya Levy
I’m Freya and am from Rochford. Now more than ever it’s important to take care of our mental and physical health and sport and...
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Harry Mayhead
I’m 21-year-old Harry Mayhead. When I was younger, I was diagnosed with Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD, and Hypermobility and found it hard to fit in....
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Jo Bryant
I’m Jo and I have a passion for motivating people to get active! Over the years I’ve experienced the emotional and physical ups and...
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Roberta Meskell
My name is Roberta and moved to Tendring 18 years ago. When I did, I searched for group family glasses that we could do...
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Sandra Amey-Martin
I’m Sandra from Castle Point. I currently lead group exercise classes under the brands Move it or Lose it, Healthy Living & Lifestyle and...
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Daniel Adams
Daniel Adams is the Learning Disability Representative for Disability Bowls England, living in Harlow. When I was younger, my social and communication skills were...
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Dr Ronan Fenton
Dr Ronan Fenton is an Integrated Care Systems (ICS) Medical Director living in Maldon Although I have never been athletic, I enjoy running and...
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Dan Doherty
Dan Doherty is an NHS Director in the Mid and South Essex region, living in Maldon.  I’ve always been a very active and sporty...
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Dave Chase
I’m Dave, living in Chelmsford, trying to show our communities how beneficial sport and physical activity is for our mental health. Mental ill health...
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Macey Brown
Macey is just 13 years old, and lives in Harlow. She has joined the Find Your Active family, in hope that she can inspire...
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Natalie Gurney
“I have always been into exercise and nutrition but for one reason or another I’ve never been consistent with it and have dipped in...
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Helen Verrier, Co-Founder of Ghana Union in Harlow
I wouldn’t say I am a “Sporty person,” but before the pandemic, I wanted to find an initiative that would bring the community together,...
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Many people need support and encouragement to be active, which is why there will be a Find Your Active Ambassador in every community to provide information, support, and friendship.

Please sign up now to join the Find Your Active campaign. You can sign up your organisation or sign up as an Ambassador. It is really simple and quick. Become part of Find Your Active to create an active Essex that will boost everyone’s health and wellbeing.


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