I’m Dave, living in Chelmsford, trying to show our communities how beneficial sport and physical activity is for our mental health.

Mental ill health and physical health are such a widespread issue in my community, and we need to all pull together to do all we can in helping each other, boosting our mental wellbeing, and improving our physical health.

I run mental health and wellbeing walk and talks, MATES Golf society, MATES running club, MATES cycling club, MATES FC football and With You in Mind drop-in sessions. For me, it’s about creating community groups where people can share their feelings and thoughts with like minded individuals, support one another, have fun, and get active. We know how important moving more can be for our mental health.

I want to help people in our community see the activities that available and hopefully help them find the one that helps them. Boosting individual’s positive mental health is one of the most important things to do and one that can be done so well with physical activity.

I see Find Your Active, as a great key to unlock the activities that can and will make such a positive difference to your life. I want to do all I can to encourage and help support people to make that first step into the activity that suits them.

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