This page will outline a range of information and resources for healthcare professionals working in Essex. We want to support professionals working in health, with the tools to encourage residents who find getting active difficult, to adopt new behaviours to find the activity that’s right for them.


Who are you looking to support?

Those in primary care

Take a look at the resources that have been designed to help staff working in the primary care sector, to be key advocates for physical activity and movement.

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Parents or soon to be parents

For individuals who are pregnant, post-natal, or want to get moving with their children, click here to find resources for them to participate in activity safely.

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Children and young people

We want to support young people with the best start to life, by leading an active and healthy lifestyle. Our Move With Us campaign is vital in this step.

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Adults living with a long-term health condition

Physical activity can play an important role in helping manage long-term health conditions, take a look at our resources in undergoing this safely.

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Older Adults

Our Able Like Mabel resources provide a perfect stepping stone to support older adults to get moving safely and support their strength and balance.

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Adults with a disability

Supporting residents living with a disability to lead an active lifestyle in a way that suits them, is important. Take a look at our resources.

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Virtual Views - Brentwood and Basildon Alliance

Brentwood and Basildon Health alliance have been working hard to share their new online platform that has become a central point to signpost partners and communities to physucal activity offers and programmes. Check out their work so far via the link for further information on their active practises network and progress so far.

Active Essex
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Activity Finder

Discover what physical activity and sport opportunities are available near you.

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