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Active Travel

We want to encourage walking and cycling for both leisure purposes and as alterative way to travel to and from work/school or make short distance journeys. This not only encourages people to move more and reach daily activity targets but also helps improve air quality and support the work to reduce climate change and carbon production.

Active Outdoors

Covid-19 has highlighted that green and blue spaces are very much needed for physical and mental health and wellbeing. We need to maximise outdoor opportunities, by working with partners and local organisations to encourage residents to engage with activities that utilise green space. We must also protect and maintain our current stock of sports and leisure facilities and encourage them to be as inclusive as possible.

Active Design

Working with planning and design colleagues, we want to help shape existing and future developments, by embedding physical activity into planning policy, infrastructure and urban design. We recognise the impact that good design has on shaping streets and public spaces as places for activity and we will work to apply key active design principles to create overlooked, safe and welcoming spaces that promote and encourage active travel.

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