We are Chloe and Francesca Townsend, aka the Townsend Twins! We live in Colchester and have always been interested in fitness and now we just want to be able to share the great fun that can be had, with as many people in Essex as we can!

As the Townsend Twins we teach online and face to face classes in dance, bootcamp, HIIT, rebound and many more! But as we see so many people each day, we have realised the great importance of exercise for people’s physical and mental health. It’s amazing to see our participants results and we love helping people improve their wellbeing through movement.

We recognise that workouts may not be for everyone, but any style of movement is important – you’ll always feel so much better even after just having a short walk! Find Your Active is about finding a way to keep energise that’s comfortable for you! For us, our active is dance – we love to dance and it’s great because you’re having fun, as well as getting your steps in. Finding something you enjoy will help to keep you more motivated and will mean you enjoy keeping active more!

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