I’m Sandra from Castle Point. I currently lead group exercise classes under the brands Move it or Lose it, Healthy Living & Lifestyle and Let’s Keep Moving.

I’ve always been into keep fit but suffered with lower back issues. After some bad advice, I had to stop exercising and was told I would need an operation and tablets. Consequently, I put on weight which increased the pain in my back. Luckily, I was able to get a chance appointment with a locum doctor, who got me back into physical activity and within 6 months, had come off the tablets. I now consider myself to have a strong core, have lost weight and am virtually pain free!

Find Your Active is all about finding something you enjoy that gets you moving. It’s about sitting less, moving more! Never before has it been a more important message during the pandemic. Being overweight and inactive has been contributing factors to Covid illness and sadly death. Exercise doesn’t have to be dressing in lycra or going to the gym – finding something you enjoy that gets you moving is the key.

A lot of my work is with older people and sadly I have seen a steep increase in older people becoming less active during the pandemic, with food shopping becoming difficult. The loss of aerobic ability, muscle and bone density, flexibility and balance has become problematic for adults who are now deconditioned, effecting their quality of life and consequently impacting the NHS. Together, we need to help rebuild their flexibility, aerobics and balance and strength so older people can feel FAB again! I want to help them remain independent and able to take part in everyday activities with ease; simple movements can benefit every aspect of their life.

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