Hi my name is Keeley; I injured my shoulder in 2011 and was introduced to yoga to help the shoulder and other muscle tightness brought on by my physical job and the exercise I participated in.  I was amazed by the benefits of yoga physically, emotionally and mentally and wanted to share these with everyone, so I trained to become a yoga teacher to enable me to do this and make yoga available to all.

Yoga has so many benefits physically and emotionally but there doesn’t seem to be many classes around for people with disabilities, so I started Yoga4all, which includes classes for adults and children with Special Needs. The benefits aren’t just physical, building strength and flexibility but also mental, reducing stress and helping with relaxation and everyone can benefit from this.

I would love to continue to be involved in helping disabled people become more active and share opportunities for people to become more involved in sport, making sport inclusive as everybody can benefit from becoming more active regardless of their ability.

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