Kierran’s Ambassador Story – Essex All Together


The work we do here at Active Essex would be practically impossible without our strong networks of dedicated ambassadors. One ambassador who is doing incredible things for children and young people with special educational needs, is Kierran Pearce – a SEN teacher and All Together Ambassador, who set up the Multi-Schools Council (MSC) in 2012.

The MSC is designed to challenge negative perceptions towards children with special educational needs and mental health challenges through the power of children’s voices. They do this by working in educational settings and local communities to educate people about our differences. Just like us, they also have ambassadors – a collection of amazing people help challenge perceptions about issues they are passionate about.

When we caught up with Kierran, to find out more about what inspired him to become an ambassador, he emphasised the impact physical activity had on his mental health through a difficult time at school. He also explained that, since starting the Multi-Schools Council, children have made it clear that sport is very important for them, and he uses the role as a platform for the voices of these young people.

He said: “The children of the MSC have identified keeping active as a key priority over the next 3 years, for the whole of Essex. Many children tell us that sport is great way for them to feel good, no matter the level they play at and that’s the most important thing. However, although we help lots of children, many others tell us there is a long way to go to ensure sport is accessible for all. This is something we want to challenge in the coming years”.

One young person from the MSC, said: “We need to make sure all children have the chance to get involved in sport, if they are in a wheelchair, or they have autism, this shouldn’t stop them from getting involved”.

Whilst Kierran continues to do amazing work out in the community, he has shared these words, in the hope that they might reach children and young people, or anyone living with special education needs or disabilities. He said: “Remember sport is about you and what helps you feel good – this means whoever you, whatever ability you have, you should be able to get involved in anything you want. Believe in yourself.”

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Through the Multi-Schools Council, children took on one of the tallest mountains in Britain, Mt Snowdon – raising money and awareness