An Active Network brings together local community sports networks in an effort to increase cooperation and enhance the delivery of services in an area.

What is a Community Sports Network?

A typical community sports network may include representatives from a local authority, schools, clubs, sports facilities, the local primary care trust, crime concern organisations, volunteer networks and wider community groups (such as those representing people with disabilities or older people).

A community sports network will develop ideas on the best ways to tackle local issues together, so that more people can get involved in sport and physical activity. For example, the network may decide to organise a walk-to-school scheme in the area to combat child obesity and to raise awareness of healthy lifestyle choices. The ideas and activities of a community sports network form what is called an action plan, which usually lasts between one year and two years.

Why is there an Active Network in Essex?

Sport England wants community sport networks to be the means by which sport and physical activity for local communities is co-ordinated, ensuring that access to sport and physical activity is widened and participation is increased.

Sport England is targeting a 1% year-on-year increase in sport and physical activity across the country, and has tailored its plans for future investment so as to better support this aim.

What’s the Role of Active Essex in this System?

The development of community sports networks is a key objective of each of the UK’s County Sports Partnerships – and Active Essex is the County Sports Partnership for Essex.

We are therefore committed to advising, coordinating and supporting community sports networks in Greater Essex to ensure that they are:

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