Albert, 71, has been living with Type 2 Diabetes and Scheuermann’s Disease for 10 years. 3 years ago, in a visit to his doctors they recommended he should take insulin to manage his diabetes or try and regulate his insulin through physical activity and diet.

Albert participates in a range of activities, from swimming and golf to cycling and Let’s Keep Moving group. Through these activities he has made new friends that continue their activities outside of the groups. Together they better their health and wellbeing.

He says: “Participating with various groups has helped me create new friends, introduced me to new hobbies and got me to try new activities. It has helped me with my confidence, mental health and overall quality of life.”

“I have found that the activities have had a positive impact on me. I initially got involved because I didn’t want to take medication and participating in physical activity has allowed me to manage and maintain my health without doing so.”

Are you living with diabetes or know of someone who is and would like to try some of the activities Albert does, see the links below:

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