Cindy is living with Rheumatoid Arthritis for the past 50 years, Heart failure for 20 years and Osteoporosis for the last 15 years. She gets involved in a number of activities to get out and keep moving.

Cindy said: “With many challenges faced, I choose to make adaptations to the activities I do to continue to stay active. If I were inactive, my condition would have worsened a great deal.”

Age UK say that doing physical activity and making your muscles stronger protects your bones and improves your balance. Muscle-strengthening exercises don’t have to involve you lifting weights at a gym. There are simple, gentle exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home. Cindy shows that this is possible through her walking, gardening and bowls activities.

“I attend my local Let’s Keep Moving group where I have networked and made new friends who have encouraged me to try new activities such as Bowls. They keep me active, helping me keep out of social isolation and build up my confidence more. It is powerful to say that this has given me things to do, get up and get out for. To pursue my passions even with these challenges means a lot to me and it has shown me that when you put your mind to it, in most cases, no matter your challenges, you can get through it and still pursue something.”

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