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1. The Pituitary Foundation — FITR menstrual cycle app can improve your health and wellbeing. Men can learn a lot too!

Live on 4 March here


2. Active Essex — FITR Menstrual cycle app can improve your sport and exercise performance. Sport and exercise providers at all levels can support their participants

Live On 18 March here


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Live from Tuesday 3 January — every Tuesday and Thursday and alternate Sundays


Thursday 16 February – Pituitary Foundation

Sunday 26 February – Dealing With Psychosis Toolkit

Tuesday 28 February — More than just a football club. ITFC tackles major issues for local

Tuesday 28 February — I support Rare disease day – My rare conditions. 

Thursday 2 March – Do smoothies help or hinder our health and well-being. 


Superhero Series Blogs


Superheroes Winter Wonderland Adventure Report – 18 December


Who? ‘Want a Be’ Superheroes with LTHC’s/Disabilities

What? Racking up the miles on a virtual trek around the world to deliver to some top cities!

When? Through from the 20 November until the 6 December

Where? In houses, gyms, outdoor spaces and anywhere you can exercise!

Why? To help motivate, inspire and support people to access sport and exercise on their own level, but to be part of a team.

How? A combination of sport, exercise and sensory actions, converted into KM’s and added to the team total. Utilising as many aids and resources as needed, including those extra special sidekick supporters!

So The Superhero Winter Wonder Land powered by Marvel is Over. So we have reached the finishing line-virtually! The Challenge Is Complete! Four Great Teams! One super impressive group of eight Disability Sports Ambassadors, representing Essex as part of Team Billy.

Check out all the action from the challenge in this blog here!



Covid support blogs

Vital COVID -19 information for those with Pituitary Conditions

It is more than certain that at this time those of us who are suffering from long term health conditions are extremely scared and concerned about what the future holds for them. Amongst them, I am as well and the thought of a ‘lock down’, cancelled appointments, the undoing of mental health progress and suddenly are totally ‘out’ of control which for anyone is unnerving but for those of us who are unlucky to have the underlying medical conditions this is becoming reality. for more click here

Can those of us with long term health conditions actually support members beyond our community?

Everyone is facing a new ‘norm’ and it’s not easy. Even those of us who have had to change our lives completely due to illness / and or a disability are again facing new levels of challenge. This is going to be a long haul with the prospect of being isolated at home for the next year. It’s like we are entering a war but against this deadly virus instead of people. for more click here

Opportunities To learn & Support Each Other- Help Your Children to Cope At Home

At these difficult times we need to come together and share knowledge, support each other and work as communities to help and support each other through what can only be referred to as a war. We need to share our coping mechanisms and try to make good from a horrible situation. For more click here

COVID-19 Strategy and Recovery

Although it feels unlikely and the news is overwhelming, trying to stay informed but not becoming obsessed with COVID-19 is a tough task for anyone to avoid or manage. Even though the news has to be real and we are on lock down, my psychosis is not gone and one of my problems is knowing what to believe and what not to. For more click here

Active Essex
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Discover what physical activity and sport opportunities are available near you.

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