Our ‘Guide to an Active Workplace’ is for any employer, business and team leader. This document will help support employee wellbeing as we deal with the impact from the pandemic and beyond. It will set out key initiatives and methods to implement to change work culture and help make a key difference to your staff and their wellbeing.

Find Your Active: Workplace Edition is providing a framework and policy alongside this document, to implement in your workplace with your employees. We hope that this policy will help promote and encourage employee participation in regular moderate-intense physical activity and to create a workplace environment and culture that promotes the physical wellbeing of all employees.

If you utilise the below documents and begin to implement the workplace policy, please let us know by filling in the short form below. Active Essex are here to guide you going forward on this journey, so use the form to tell us about any additional advice or support you may need.

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We offer free Online Physical Activity Sessions with our amazing instructors Lindsey and Chloe!


Lindsey;I’m Lindsey, and I deliver the Monday sessions which includes an energising bodyweight circuit and Fridays will start the day with a few easy to follow aerobic routines to kick start the last day of the working week. Everyone can enjoy! Bring your sense of fun. “

Chloe;Hi, I’m Chloe and I deliver the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday sessions. Tuesday’s Lunch time energiser will be easy to follow cardio moves with lower and harder options to take throughout the session. Wednesday’s cardio blast will be slightly tougher than Tuesday session with lots of different exercises to follow. Thursdays total tone – using small weights, water bottles, tin cans or whatever you have to try out some different toning exercises for a whole body workout.”


One of the regular attendees told us; “I love the fitness sessions, they are a perfect amount of time to move your body and feel good for the day. I find it easier to commit because I think to myself, it’s only 15 minutes!”

Another told us; “Chloe and Lindsey both have bubbly personalities and are fun, they encourage participation into the exercises and give a “well done” even though they can’t see us! I always enjoy these 10-15 minute exercises, it is amazing how it makes a difference in such a short time.

Because many of us sit at our desks all day, these short exercise routines with alternative easy options if needed, are very welcome and I love it, the day ahead seems much more inviting, I really would miss them if they were not available. I would say have a go, you don’t even need to have your camera on for anyone else to see, and you can do as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.


Click below for the timetable and join in!

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