Karen will keep you calm through her pilates. You will be able to follow her routine from a small space and feel so much better after! Relieve stress, aches and strains through her gentle movements.

Karen is a Pilates teacher, writer and fitness encourager. If you’ve seen Karen somewhere before it’s because she led the 2018 Active Essex #3030essex campaign to get Essex moving. Karen has been in fitness for 15 years and now teaches in Epping and online to specialist groups including pre and post natal and over 60s. Karen writes regularly for Simply You magazine and creates Pilates and wellness content for businesses and their employees.

Chris is a personal trainer, UKA (athletics) coach and sports nutritionist. Chris specialises in kids’ fitness, especially nurturing young athletes as well as creating programmes for endurance athletes and sports injuries. There will never be a ‘one size fits all’ programme from Chris. He likes detail, progression and data!

Chris and Karen are a husband and wife team who run Fit School in Essex. Fit School is a community based alternative to gyms. The team cut through fitness and diet fads to give you simple, achievable ways of reaching your fitness goals through in person classes including Pilates, pre and post natal Pilates and exercise, run club, fitness classes, group personal training and older adults fitness. There’s also an online HUB where you can learn to lose fat, get started in Pilates or get to grips with body conditioning. Above all, it’s a space to plug into and meet with other, like-minded people.

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