Hello, I’m Adele, Community Connector for the Maldon District.

I haven’t always been fit or active. I have struggled over the years with various aspects of my life but the biggest positive change that i’ve had in my life is being more active and the positive effect it has had on my wellbeing. I heard about this position becoming available whilst Amy is away on maternity leave and I knew I had to have a go at it. I wanted to help inspire others to get active and change their wellbeing for the better just as I had.

For me, Find your Active is about offering the support and encouragement to anyone within our community to get active in whatever way works for them. We all have different ideas about what being active is. For me, it’s about running with my run club or rowing with my crew or hopping on the bike with a friend… but some days it’s only about a gentle stroll with the dog. Being active can look different to everyone and we don’t have to move mountains every day. New research shows just aiming for 5000 steps in a day can have a really positive effect on your mental and physical health, so it’s a good place to start. Perhaps a stroll to the local shop or even take a walk around your garden a few times? There really is something for everyone, so even if walking isn’t an option for you right now, what about some seated exercises from home?  With Find your Active, I want to work with individuals or groups to ascertain what works for them and help them get started on their own journey to being active. My aim is to get as many people in my district as possible active and most importantly, happy being active and I would love nothing more to help people in being happy.

Physical activity has had a massive impact on my life. It gave me the confidence to get a new job in a field I love, and i’ve made new friends and joined clubs where I feel like part of a team. I always shied away from sports and activities as a child and as a result I was very unhealthy for a very long time. Now I find myself at parkrun every week and taking part in cycle races and rowing for my local rowing club, I’ve even run a marathon!! Amongst all of this, it has also given me the confidence to sit on the committees of my running club and rowing club. I am also a station officer for my local RNLI and a core team member for parkrun. I’ve also just set up a local walk & talk group to help combat social isolation as well as getting people more active, and i’ve made it my mission to give back and to help others to find the happiness in being active that I have.

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