Daniel joined The Griffin Bowls Club in 2010 as a young 20 year old with Asperger’s Syndrome.

His social and communication skills at the beginning were quite limited. One of the bowls club’s coaches, John, took Daniel under his wing and began to coach Daniel in the game of outdoor bowls. It soon became evident that this young man had a great eye and was going to be an asset to the club.

In 2017, following 2 years as Men’s Vice-captain, he became Men’s Captain, and held the post for 2 years. It was hard to believe that this shy young man was now managing all aspects of the men’s competition programme.

He was determined to do some coaching, and was sent on the Level 1 coaching course with 3 others. With help from the others on the course, he is now a Level 1 coach and is waiting to go on the ‘Working with the Disabled’ course.

The future looks very bright for Daniel. He is now playing Indoor Bowls at National level and represented England in the Munro Cup in the Learning Disabilities International Series held in Scotland last June, playing against teams from Scotland and Wales, and making a major contribution to England’s triumph in the competition.

He was named as Active Harlow’s 2019 ‘Sports Personality of the Year’! Here at The Griffin Bowls Club, we are very proud to have been able to support and encourage Daniel, and to have been a big part in his huge progression, not only in his bowls but in his growth in self-esteem and confidence.

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