I’m Carloyn Beal and I am a Community Connector for Active Essex in Rochford.

I am very much a people person, and I am passionate about helping people be the best they can be. It may sound a little cliché but back in 2012 I felt like I was losing control and spiralling into a state of depression. I decided to join a running club, and can honestly say that it changed my life. As a result of this I wanted to give something back, so I trained to be a run leader so that I could help others with their running.

I believe this role working with Active Essex will enable me to help more people get active which I think is so vital for people’s mental health as it is for people’s physical health. It is a privilege to have found my place in the Find Your Active campaign and secure this role working as  Community Connector in my area. Everyone I have spoken to about it has said it is my perfect role and I really think that it is suited to me.

From this role I hope to inspire people to get out and get active and if they cannot get out then at least do a little bit of activity to make them feel better. I have always been a decent runner, competing in 1500metres and other athletic events when I was at school. In my early 20’s I did martial arts for a few years and then I had children and stopped all exercise for a while. I appreciate that a lot of people may be in similar situations to myself so can relate. 

I got back into running around 8 years ago and have completed 5 marathons since. I really enjoy skiing and usually ski twice a year but have not managed to get out to ski for a couple of years. I am looking forward to less travel restrictions and a return to skiing when I can. My favourite activities are running and skiing, and I look forward to finding out what your hobbies and passions are.

We look forward to seeing Carolyn’s involvement within her community and how she can help support those around her into getting active.

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