I’m H and I’m here to help you find your active in the Colchester area!

I am passionate about helping people especially in communities and seeing the enjoyment of connecting people with others and how they flourish. I believe social connections are important to our overall wellbeing and help to create self-confidence and worth. Combine this with being active and life can be a whole lot better for everyone! One of my other passions is being active – so for me being a community connector is an ideal fit.

To me, finding your active is helping people to discover and engage in something that they may enjoy or want to do – maybe it is something that they use to do in the far and distant past or maybe they are yet to discover it! There are so many ways you can become gently active, remain active or even get more active in whatever way is best for you. Finding your active is a self-discovery, a journey to improve wellbeing and could even be setting something up in your local community for others to join in.

I find it hard to sit still for long and have always loved being active – I love walking and anything to do with water! However, I suffered an injury that meant I could no longer do everything I use to and was warned that by my 30s I would be in a wheelchair. I spent many years frustrated and limited in what I wanted to do and this has been a long journey for me and learning how to do things differently. Eventually over recent years I have been able to effectively manage my long term care through a good balance of being active and being sensible! This has meant that over the past 8 years I have been able to be more active and, within reason, remain active so I can still enjoy most of the things I used to do.

I hope to link people in their local community with activities and organisations that can help them to improve their health and wellbeing. I want to assist people with knowledge and confidence to build relationships and maybe even turn their ideas into activities to help others.

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