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Hi my name is Justine; I was born with a visual impairment and have always had some interest in exercise and physical activity such as swimming. I became interested in trampolining through word of mouth, as this is something I have always wanted to be able to do but struggled due to limited resources to help with my visual impairment. Sport for Confidence made it possible for me to achieve my goal in starting to learn not only how to trampoline but skills as well.

Sport is important to me because physical activity should be part of everyday life and accessible to everybody regardless of their differences.

My biggest achievement in relation to sport is gaining confidence to try new skills on the trampoline as this was not comfortable to me before due to a previous accident on a trampoline.

I believe it is important to inspire and motivate other people as this was something that I did not experience throughout life until recently. It is important that people feel comfortable and are able to confront their fears especially within sport in order to reach big achievements that may not have been possible before.

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