Circus Skills

Hi, my name is Kaiya and my sport is Circus Skills for fitness and creative purposes.

I was diagnosed with high functioning autism and dyspraxia when I was in my early 20s after many years of struggling without any support. I started to learn aerial circus skills for fitness purposes 12 years ago which increased my confidence on both a physical and emotional level and eventually lead me to become an instructor and soon afterwards open a specialist studio in the Essex area to help share these activities with others.

My dyspraxia has meant that learning the physical skills involved have not always been easy or straightforward for me, but my determination has paid off to the point I have now won several national titles in my discipline when taking part alongside others without the same physical challenges. It has also curbed my crippling anxiety to the point I am now teaching and performing in front of hundreds of people on a regular basis and lead to me being one of the most sought-after instructors at national circus conventions within the UK.

Sport and physical activity is important to me as it has enabled me to build a career for myself when I have struggled in other types of employment or work. It has also improved my physical skills and health to the point I have overcome many aspects of my disability including coordination, sensory issues and communication skills.

My biggest achievement has been opening my studio and turning it into an incredibly diverse environment, where we are able to bring these activities to others who also benefit greatly regardless of age, fitness levels and their backgrounds.

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