I used to be a carer in the community and long hours, poor eating and not looking after my health, as well as being mum to 6 children, I became very ill and was hospitalized because of my asthma.

My sister was a swimming teacher and was helping me with my physical fitness, I enjoyed it so much I decided to train to be a swimming teacher. I now deliver tailored lessons for children, teens and adults with all types of SEND at Diversity Swim School.

To do this, I have had to overcome barriers due to my own conditions, including a degenerative eye condition (I’m registered partially sighted) and my asthma, finding ways to keep track of lessons and manoeuvring in and around the pool even organizing things like admin were challenging.

I think that sport is really really important for mental health as well physical wellbeing.

Everyone should be able to take part and learn to swim regardless of any physical, neurological or learning disability as all is usually required is patience, understanding and some adaptations! Swimming is a fantastic way to get active for everyone. Buoyancy is our friend!

Opening Diversity Swim School has been my biggest achievement in relation to sport and physical activity and never losing sight of the fact small steps lead to huge leaps!

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