Sailing, Crossfit, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Running, Swimming

I am an award-winning world champion sailor, mentor and disability sports ambassador.

I am one of the UK’s most successful disabled sailors being 3 times Blind Match Racing World Champion and three times World Blind Fleet Racing Champion. In December 1997 I was registered blind with Photophobia Nystagmus a condition I have had since birth.

All through my life, I have used sport as a way of overcoming the barriers that come with my disability.

Before finding sailing I was an elite level swimmer earning 2 British Records in the visually impaired B2 category. However, it was in sailing that I found my true calling building the passion that gave me freedom from day to day life and relying on a white cane and allowing me to travel the world competing at the highest levels.

They won’t let me drive a car around the M25 by myself but they’ll let me helm a boat!

Sailing is my driver, but sport and activities that are inclusive at home are my love. Being able to join a local Crossfit club and train alongside members, running, train and race with volunteer guide runners and also go through my gradings in Kung Fu.

I love having places I can go all within a short walk and I have my own company ‘Inspiration In You’ where I love highlighting this.

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