Toby is a young man who has Cerebral Palsy. He has been told he has the most positive and infectious outlook on life. Toby feels like nothing is ever impossible, despite his disability, he is determined and focused. Just a few years ago Toby started walking with the use of a specialised walking frame. Through Toby’s physiotherapy program and his hard work and determination, he has gained strength and confidence since having spinal and hip surgeries.

Last year Toby decided he wanted to do a race. Alongside Community College Initiative, he looked at junior park run and local races, but due to the time Toby needs and environmental factors, they came across many barriers. That’s when they said ‘‘Lets organise your own race!’’ This is exactly what they are now doing, with Toby taking the lead.

Toby is organising a unique race for people with physical disabilities. Giving others in the same situation a chance to enter a race, which will be achievable and accommodating of their disability.  This is not a race of time, it is an achievement to complete the distance and having the confidence to enter.

Not only is Toby organising this great event, he has decided to do this in aid of raising money for Team Angus. Angus is a young boy who has Cerebral Palsy, caused by a traumatic time at birth. Angus is a brave and strong little boy with the most infectious smile.

Toby understands the importance of equipment and physiotherapy programs. This inspired Toby to want to raise as much money as he can for Angus. He wants to make a difference to Angus’s life and inspire Angus to do incredible things in life.

The event is called the ‘Wheeler Way Walk’. It is a 400 metre race, which is aimed at individuals who never thought they could enter a race due to their disability. It will be a huge achievement for all participants, they will have so much encouragement and be rewarded with a medal, goodie bag and finishers T-shirt for participating. Toby has ensured he has eliminated as many barriers as possible.

This is an exciting time for Toby, he is the organiser and he will also be training hard to participate in the race so he can make a difference to so many lives, the participants and Angus!

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