Caroline Brown

Congratulations to Caroline Brown, our Essex Activity Hero from Brentwood. Read and be inspired by their story below: 

The pandemic has caused many problems this year, but the impact it’s had on people’s mental health and wellbeing is truly overwhelming. Caroline Brown recognised this early on and wanted to help people within her community by providing online meditation, yoga and sound healing classes, to enable people to still practice within the comfort of their own home.

Meditation techniques aim to help you focus on the present, rather than dwelling on unhelpful thoughts and Caroline’s activity classes provided much needed head space and relief, as well as exercise to give people the time to escape the stress of the pandemic. Each class allows you to nurture the mind and body through creative sequencing and relaxing breathing techniques, to make you feel lifted, calm and balanced. Being active is known to reduce stress, increase energy levels and help individuals to sleep better, something that many people struggled with during lockdown, and Caroline’s relaxing sessions did just this.

Furthermore, Caroline’s naturally caring manor shone through with her continuous support and positive advice via Whatsapp, phone calls and online chats to help those who were struggling with anxiety, stress and depression.

One individual who nominated Caroline commented; “I personally attend these classes and they really helped me stay connected with the outside world and crucially kept my anxiety levels down during the pandemic. I really hope Caroline’s passion for looking after people can be recognised this year.”

Caroline has gone above and beyond this year to support those struggling with their mental health and to encourage people to discover a balance in life, and because of this, she has been awarded as an Essex Activity Hero!

Thank you Active Brentwood for choosing this story!

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