Chelmsford Karate Club

Congratulations to Chelmsford Karate Club, our Essex Activity Hero from Chelmsford. Read and be inspired by their story below: 

Chelmsford Karate Club quickly responded to the restrictions that came with lockdown, supporting and providing online sessions for their members. For the whole Chelmsford Karate family, it was important they remained active and were able to train whilst at home.

Richard and Jane Naylor-Jones and their daughter Megan have been awarded as Essex Activity Heroes for quickly taking action to ensure training was able to take place and they were able to look after the mental wellbeing of their members. Training took place regularly over Zoom and, when restrictions lifted, in small groups in the park. It would have been easy to put it all on hold, but their determination to keep the club going is extremely admirable.

The Naylor-Jones’ went above and beyond to ensure they supported their members physical and mental health. As well as providing study groups online for the children not at school, they wanted to ensure the social aspect of the sport and relationships amongst the club were not lost. They held weekly quiz sessions and regular social catch ups which was vital in keeping the somewhat ‘normal’ conversations going. They have created something far more than just a ‘sports club’ and instead created a community that has a positive and encouraging environment.

One individual who nominated Chelmsford Karate club, commented: “Chelmsford Karate Club and the Naylor-Jones family are our heroes because not only have they ensured all its members were able to train at the highest level throughout but they have also provided immeasurable support to us all.  I knew before lockdown how wonderful this family was, but they have proved absolutely amazing during this time and I honestly don’t know what we would have done without them.”

Another individual added: “It goes without saying, they are selfless individuals who have gone above and beyond for their Karate family and have the true spirit of Karate principles; they are committed to keeping their club and its members active and healthy.”

Congratulations to our Essex Activity Heroes, Chelmsford Karate Club’s, Richard, Jane and Megan Naylor-Jones!

Thank you Active Chelmsford for choosing this story! 

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