Megan was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes two and half years ago and is an Occupational Therapist for Sport for Confidence.

Megan said: “Physical activity has always been my release in life and I participate in activities for the majority of the week. I attend a circus class 3 times a week, where I practice skills, static trapeze, rope and aerial hoop. I also go to the gym and enjoy running on my days off.”

Having Type 1 Diabetes means her pancreas no longer produces insulin, so she has to inject herself to maintain her blood sugar levels. She has been participating in acrobatics for 5 years and explained: “It is part of my routine. Once I was diagnosed with Type 1 there was no way I was going to let it stop me from participating. I learnt to control my diabetes and to not let it interfere with my hobby. I am always looking to challenge myself and do something different. By participating in the exercise I am able to push my limits and achieve things that I never thought I was able to.”

Participating in physical activity has allowed Megan to become more confident in her body and her abilities. She has build upon a passion for sport and exercise which has flourished within her career. Working with Sport for Confidence, she helps provide inclusive sport for anybody facing a barrier to participate and engage in physical activity.

Megan said: “Sport and exercise allows me to maintain a balanced lifestyle and is an output for the stresses of daily life. Physical activity has and will always be an important part of my life.”

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