Active Essex

We work with organisations across Essex to help support communities and individuals in getting equal access to physical activity and sport. One such organisation is Disability4Sport, they were one of the original members of the Essex All Together campaign, striving for fairer opportunities for people with disabilities to get involved with local sporting activities to improve mental, physical, and social wellbeing. They have also been part of our Essex ActivAte programme for the past year, bringing inclusive activities to eligible children and young people. 

The aim of the organisation is to engage individuals and families to access healthy activities, to live an active life, and to connect with wider communities. Disability4Sport work in partnership with local communities, schools, charities, local government, and NHS to help everyone understand the challenges faced by disabled children and adults.  

We spoke with Wayne, Business Development Officer at Disability4Sport who shared: “Many employees and volunteers at Disability4Sport have lived experience of a disability or have training to understand the barriers to regular physical activity – and ways to knock them down! Some barriers like accessible venues and inclusive coaches are easy to overcome, whilst discrimination against people with disabilities in school and other sporting venues continues to prevent disabled people from feeling included.  

Every person with a disability will have a unique approach to regular physical activity to help support their physical health and mental wellbeing, including a short low impact walk in the park with family or a weekly game of football at the sport centre with friends. Disability 4 Sport encourages the social aspect to help everyone find their level and opportunity to stay healthy with other people.  

Disability 4 Sport offers ‘Something4Everyone’ through inclusive activities that promote a level playing field and positive experiences for disabled people, which includes regular sporting activities that anyone can attend to specific talent hubs for those with potential to excel at their chosen sport. Our weekly sessions highlight those with a competitive edge and ability who want to move to the next level with support from national governing bodies. Currently we have several former players who compete at regional and national tournaments and now represent England. 

Don’t take ‘NO’ for an answer when someone adds a barrier to sport and your physical activity. Specialist organisations can help get you started on a journey of your own physical activity and even set you on a career path within the sport and leisure industry to change the world” 

Want to find out more about Disability4 Sport? Visit their website here – Hello World – Disability4Sport