Nexus Shares Yoga

Essex Local Delivery Pilot

For people who live with a disability, it can often be difficult to find appropriate activities to suit their varying needs and abilities. Basildon-based project; Nexus Shares Yoga, recognised this and in partnership with Share Respite and with support from the Essex Local Delivery Pilot, now provide four 10-week yoga programmes with live acoustic music, specifically for people with additional needs and disabilities.

Nexus Wellbeing CIC, aims to help and support residents mental health and physical wellbeing in the Basildon community, by combining live acoustic music and wellness activities, such as yoga, breath work, meditation and mindfulness. They regularly teach accessible classes and have specialised training in Special Yoga and chair-based yoga. With their friendly and open approach, and in addition to the classes, they provide ongoing support through regular contact, as well as share videos and posts for participants and the community via their social media channels.

Through the Essex Local Delivery, Nexus Wellbeing CIC built a valued relationship with a Basildon-based partner company; SHARE Respite, to help incorporate physical activity into their offer. SHARE is a registered charity, which has been supporting families since 1982 by offering a wide range of opportunities for young people from preschool upwards, who are living with a disability and have additional needs. Activities include cooking, art & crafts, music, table tennis, gardening and gaming sessions. Working together, they are now delivering Nexus Shares Yoga classes, which are tailored to be inclusive for all participants, regardless of their ability/disability.

Through the Nexus Shares Yoga classes, the aim is to inspire and encourage participants to get moving in a fun and safe environment, as well as demonstrating how they can integrate healthy techniques and habits into their daily lives.

During the sessions, it’s important for everyone to get involved, therefore staff teach alternative yoga poses to make the session truly inclusive. The sessions help participants with their flexibility and range of movement, concentration and focus, strengthening of the body and mind, and assist with balance and coordination. Staff have found that this is having a significant impact on the participants moods and daily activities with their carers, with simple day to day tasks such as transferring from a wheelchair to chair becoming much easier.

Classes also focus on the sensory aspects of the students, through positive ‘self-healing’ techniques and music. Live music from a classical guitar, is used therapeutically and particularly supports neurodivergent participants, to calm their sympathetic nervous systems with healing effects on their mind and body.

Nina Head, Find Your Active Basildon Coordinator commented; “Nexus Wellbeing CIC – Carmen and Raffaele – have a unique, creative and therapeutic approach to yoga. Classes are tailored to be inclusive of all participants regardless of ability or disability. The use of live music as a sensory tool takes the class beyond adaptation and helps to blur the space between disabled and non-disabled communities. Whether participating in wheelchairs or seated, students can explore their range of movement in a supported environment and/or be assisted physically by carers. Nexus Wellbeing CIC provide an exceptional holistic, present space for wellness.”

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