Spotlight Saturday – Football Fun Factory

Active Essex

We’ve decided to switch things up for the next couple of Spotlight Saturdays, focusing on two of our new Essex ActivAte delivery partners and the amazing work they’ve been doing to support the children and young people who need it most.

The Football Fun Factory is an organisation that offers unique football experiences for boys and girls of all abilities. Sport can sometimes be a pressurised environment, and the FFF team focus their sessions on fun  rather than competition. By providing a safe and enjoyable football programme, they not only hope to show children the fun side of Football but also teach them life skills through the specialised games they play.

This week we caught up with Mark from The Football Fun Factory to find out about how they’re encouraging youngsters to enjoy football based activities for fun rather than in a competitive nature.

The FFF joined the Essex Activate Programme ahead of the Easter holidays, with the aim of helping their local community. Mark said: “I feel privileged to be a positive influence in my community and enjoy seeing the kids that come to my sessions and camps have the best experience they can have.  The programme is a good way to reach out to a wider audience and helps to ensure that we eliminate barriers so all children get the chance to experience the amazing fun camps we provide.”

During their Essex ActivAte Football Camps, FFF provide a lot of fun and exciting activities for the kids to participate in. They have all three impressive inflatables at the camps – the inflatable pitch, goals and dartboard. Just as within all Essex ActivAte clubs, there are a wide range of activities on offer, giving children a choice of what they want to do during the day – from friendly matches, penalties and football-themed games focusing on useful skills such as aiming and dribbling, to creative activities including colouring and quizzes, to provide some calm time to rest and recharge.

Mark said: “The kids always enjoy the sessions and always come and go with massive smiles on their faces. The Football Fun Factory is a enjoyable way for kids to learn football, make friends and have fun in a Safe, Friendly environment! […] During their time at The Football Fun Factory, I hope that they have tons of fun and enjoy the day! Each child will have learnt something different, for some, it’s learning a particular football skill, for others, it’s learning it’s ok to miss a goal, and it’s important to have a go, others have learnt how much they can achieve, or what a great friend they are to others. Most children will leave tired after an action-packed day, and I hope they leave thinking they’ve spent their day doing something they enjoyed, learning from the activities run throughout the day, and hoping that they have made some new friends. Most importantly, everyone leaves with the biggest smiles on their faces. I want every child to have felt valued, that they were listened to, cared for and feel that they are a part of something – the FFF family, and want to come back next time!”

He added: “I think it’s important that children and young people have access to holiday activities and food because it is important for children to get out of the house, learn new skills, socialise and have fun. I believe that our organisation ticks all these boxes. Holiday activities are especially good for busy parents as it gives them a place for their children to go and have fun when they aren’t able to be with them.”

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