Suzanne Warren

Suzanne Warren

We are Undefeatable

Suzanne is living with Addison’s Disease, Psychosis and a neurological movement disorder. Before she was diagnosed Suzanne was a gymnast and runner. Currently she is competing as a para-swimmer and participating in physiotherapy.

Suzanne initially became passionate about swimming whilst on holiday. “I found somewhere close to me that welcomed swimmers with a disability and began swimming once a week as well as volunteering. During an event in 2012 I was talent spotted and did my first gala in 2013.”

At the point when Suzanne was competing at a high standard , her pituitary condition became worse. She took a step back initially to focus on her health, but took on the challenge to get back into the sport she loved and was good at. Suzanne said: “I achieved things I never thought was possible.”

Swimming and participating in physical activity showed Suzanne that it didn’t matter what disability she was living with it benefitted more than just her physical health. “To me the benefits of swimming is the freedom the water gives me to move in a safe environment. I need to adapt my strokes and listen to my body, but it’s the best feeling when I get it right. Focusing purely on my strokes, using ear plugs and two hats allows me to lessen the sensory input when resting between swims. The concentration needed to guide through the water helps me leave the world of constant voices from my psychosis trying to put me down.”

As well as swimming Suzanne uses other activities to find a way to relax and that gives her mind something else to focus on: “Yoga has helped me to control my breathing, relax and ease stress and tension – two triggers for all of my conditions. Yoga has been invaluable to me, not just to relieve stress, but it counteracts my insomnia and allows me to relax and wind down from the day.”

“Exercise really is so important and I believe everyone can benefit from it. You just have to find the right thing for you.” And that is what the We Are Undefeatable campaign is all about.

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