World Health Day

Active Essex

Everyone should have access to healthcare as a basic human right and following the Covid-19 pandemic, we should prioritise getting back on track with working towards bettering our health and wellbeing. World Health Day this year centres around ‘Health For All’ and celebrates the 75th anniversary of the World Health Organization.

The World Health Organization state that success should be measured by the wellbeing of people and healthy environments, which Active Essex have been striving towards with the help of Find Your Active. The Find Your Active campaign recognises the endless benefits activity and movement can have for people’s wellbeing. Activity can improve physical health, cognitive outcomes and mental health. These positive outcomes from daily movement can be beneficial for everyone at any age.

Looking after our bodies can also mean ensuring we make active choices that encourage physical activity, even if it’s gentle movement. Joining a new fitness class can be a great place to start as it can get your body active and encourage social interactions, which can be great for our mental health. If a fitness class is daunting or not your cup of tea then find a new walking route to explore or set a running plan where you slowly increase your distance. Our Find Your Active campaign encourages these small changes and recognises that it’s about finding what’s right for you.

Healthy living environments can be transformative for people striving towards positive wellbeing. Not only can it support our mental health and overall wellbeing, but it can in the long-term, aid our ecosystem. By travelling actively, whether that be commuting to work or school, or walking or cycling to the shops instead of using the car, can drastically improve not only the environment, but our physical health and wellbeing too.

The Daily Mile campaign, which Active Essex supports through schools, is a simple and free initiative that encourages children to get out the classroom, get in some steps and re-energize them for the afternoon ahead. The Daily Mile is fully inclusive and requires no equipment, helping to easily support the physical and mental wellbeing of our youngest residents.

Another idea we help our residents to utilise is outdoor gyms! Across Essex there are many free outdoor gyms that locals can use, which gets them active and out in the fresh air. These outdoor gyms are a great social space encouraging people to make new friends, boost their confidence and get active outdoors, which will have many positive benefits to their physical and mental wellbeing.

Our bodies are important to look after but we shouldn’t neglect our minds. Meditation can be a push-up for the brain and is just as important as physical exercise. A guided or unguided meditation can improve focus, mood and quality of sleep. Starting with a short 5-minute mindfulness exercise can be a great way to learn more about yourself and refocus. Websites like Headspace offer guidance and were created to help people find themselves. Also, visit our Find Your Active YouTube page here, where we have over 300 workout videos for you to try in the comfort of your own home!

So, this World Health Day set some new goals on how to strive for a healthier lifestyle. Small changes can have the biggest impact.

Follow this link for our Find Your Active page for inspiration: