Be Able Like Mabel

Active Essex

With many of us young at heart, an easy-to-use guide to encourage movement at home has been produced to ensure residents take care of their bodies in different ways as they get older. Find Your Active is powering the Fall-Proof resource to support residents’ health and independence, keeping them steady, strong, and able to enjoy life now, and in years to come.

Regardless of age, the simple movements included in the guide and activity cards, can be introduced into a resident’s normal daily routine, whether that’s completing them alongside every day jobs at home or building in time for movement. Find Your Active are powering these resources in Essex, thanks to the Active Gloucestershire brand Fall-Proof.

Partners across the NHS, Voluntary Sector and Local Authorities are supporting this initiative from Active Essex, working to distribute booklets and activity cards to residents in their local area. Other organisations and residents alike are being encouraged to register to download the free resources or get in touch should they want printed versions.

Sarah Zaidi, South East Essex SEE Alliance Clinical Director said: “Falls are such a serious issue for so many people. They can pose real threats to a person’s health, wellbeing, their independence, quality of life, and even life expectancy for many. However, we also know that nearly half of all falls could be preventable. Improving awareness and understanding of what can help is critical. I’m thrilled that we are launching this hugely important campaign, which can help so many people.”

Movement and exercise can seem daunting as we get older. The resources named ‘Able like Mabel’, will provide residents with the know-how to check in on themselves and ways to build simple movements alongside other day-to-day tasks, to keep them feeling younger and stronger.

The Find Your Active Fall-Proof initiative has been developed off the back of Essex’s already successful Find Your Active campaign. Built on the foundations that there is an activity or movement for everyone, it’s just about finding what’s right for you, the Fall-Proof collateral hopes to help provide valuable support to older residents. This is in addition to the Find Your Active activity finder and YouTube channel which holds over 300 follow-along sessions as well as specific videos which correlate to the activities in the booklet.

Lucy Wightman, Director of Wellbeing, Public Health and Communities at Essex County Council added: “By incorporating physical activity into our daily routine, this can help to keep us well both physically and mentally. Find Your Active has been an important campaign that has encouraged Essex residents to do this, especially in a way that suits them. We are pleased that these resources are building on the momentum created by providing an extra helping hand to those wanting to improve their balance, strength and co-ordination at home.  I will certainly be recommending this booklet to my 86 year old aunt!”

To access the resources, find out more about the Find Your Active Fall-Proof initiative, or explore what Find Your Active has to offer, visit our page here.


For Mid and South Essex Fall Proof resources regarding preventing falls and staying well visit this page: