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Inclusive Facilities: Supporting People With a Visual Impairment

Active Essex

This toolkit has been designed to support those working within leisure, sports and physical activity environments to provide more inclusive facilities. This in turn will help people with a visual impairment access opportunities to be more active and healthy and to thrive.

Did you know that even small adjustments to facilities can make a huge difference in supporting people with a visual impairment to access opportunities and to be more active?

The toolkit has been developed in partnership with Thomas Pocklington Trust, a national charity that supports blind and partially sighted people of all ages to live the life they want to lead.

The toolkit has been split into four sections, which you can access via the boxes below. These are:

  • What is a Visual Impairment?
  • What Makes an Accessible Environment
  • Guiding and Communicating
  • The Benefits of an Accessible Environment

Each section is packed with guides, tips and videos, as well as further signposting.

Access the Toolkit here