If you have 30 minutes to spare at home, try out some of our Essex ambassador home videos! They are inviting us to follow along!

If you are following an ambassador video, make sure you are warming up and cooling down!

Dust off your Hula Hoop and get out in the garden to join Sophie’s workout!


Join the lovely Townsend Twins in their double trouble workout! Get your heart rate up in this workout at home.


Cleanse your mental wellbeing in the comfort of your living room by following Stuart’s step by step guide to Yoga.


Want to give Pilates a try? Follow along to this simple, no equipment needed Pilates workout with Karen!


Sandra from Let’s Keep Moving and Move it or Lose it talks you through lots of quick exercises you can do at home, whilst waiting for the kettle to boil, an advert break or just to keep moving!

Move it or Lose it have also designed some more online videos such as the ‘Cuppa routine’ or the ‘Easy exercises to build into every day’


Join Mid Essex CCG as they show you a seated Yoga routine and ask you to follow them at home!


Join Epping Fit School founders Karen and Chris in a couples workout to try at home or in the garden.


Want a workout to do in a confined space? Join Lindsey in her home workout video.


Rhys Davies shows us some great activities to do in your living room to strengthen those core muscles.


Meet Mark Newton, a P.T who has designed a workout for you to do in small spaces, e.g a balcony or small garden!