The Sport England national Satellite Club funding programme is delivered in Greater Essex by Active Essex. The programme seeks to establish new opportunities within sports and physical activities for young people in the 11-19 age range. Satellite clubs support is open to all young people within the age range, with an additional focus on the needs of those who are currently less active, young females, young people with mental health conditions and those from low socio-economic backgrounds.

Established clubs and activity providers can apply for funding to support the set-up of new activity groups and these can be directly linked with a parent club or stand-alone if there is no existing activity group. Activities can also planned and staged to take place individually or within a virtual setting to allow for social distancing requirements.

Funding can assist toward facility hire, coaching and administration costs, transportation for young people, training and qualification to support activity delivery and a reasonable level of equipment specifically required to establish and run the activity.

Standard funded duration for a club set-up project would be for 20 weeks of activity.

As part of the application, it is required to establish a plan of sustainability beyond the funded period. Codesign of the project, along with the young people themselves, is a major factor in maintaining interest in their ongoing activity.

Applications are open throughout the year and hundreds of clubs and other projects have already successfully applied.

The application form is available to download here: JM_Satellite Clubs Application Form – April 2020-March 2021

If you require any further information or assistance then please contact the Active Essex Satellite Clubs Coordinator: