Women Together is a group in Basildon, aiming to integrate vulnerable women from different backgrounds into the community, by providing advice, support, art activities and speakers on health topics. They hold numerous forum events throughout the year to bring everyone together with the sharing of food being an integral part of these events.

Women Together supports vulnerable women who suffer from anxiety, depression or domestic violence issues. The fantastic work they do to provide a safe environment for over 30 women in Basildon, became even more prevalent during this challenging year. The Essex Local Delivery Pilot and Active Essex identified Women Together as an ideal platform to encourage women to take part in online activity sessions in the safety of their own homes. The sessions not only aimed to promote fitness but also positive mental health for women who could be feeling isolated and busy supporting their families.

Through various sessions each week including Cultural dance, Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, aerobics, keep fit and walking, the organisation has been able to support women in the community who are often hard to reach due to language and cultural barriers. Although physical activity was not a prime objective for the group, the social aspect and building the women’s confidence has been the true driving force behind the set up of the group 6 years ago. Some ladies have even found jobs through the various speakers and some have accessed support through their various organisations.

We asked one of the ladies what it has meant to them to join Women Together and she commented: “I have been coming to Women Together since it started. It has improved my English skills and I feel more confident. I have made friends and feel I can talk to them to offload my problems.”