Start small – it’s the best way! But knowing where to start can often be the hardest bit. As the warmer weather creeps in, why not make a pledge to get outside more, try something new, get a little healthier, and kick off a journey to moving a little more each day.

In saying that, it doesn’t have to be a massive step straight away – it doesn’t have to cost money – it doesn’t have to take up lots of time – and it doesn’t have to mean intense sport. Movement comes in so many forms, and we can increase our daily movement gradually. In fact, research says that this is the best way to think about it.

Follow our 5 simple tips, to move more:

  1. Get into a habit. We know it’s easier said than done, but plan when you will put some time aside to move more, and stick to it.
  2. Travel actively. You might not be able to do it all of the time, but use a bike, scooter or walk to work/school. Or even park in a car park further away from your destination, to help get your steps up.
  3. A lunchtime move. Use your lunch to take a break, stretch and unwind.
  4. Do it together. It can be easier, more motivational, and easier for you to move with others. Whether that’s part of an activity group, or with a friend/family member.
  5. Find Your Active. We know it, you know it – do something you enjoy, and you’ll be more likely to continue it. Explore the Find Your Active webpages to delve into the opportunities near you, or keep on reading below!


It’s Walk this May!

Research suggests, that over 60% of people who want to start moving more, take up walking! It’s simple, free, can be done in most places, and can be enjoyed either on your own or with others. Plus, it’s great for all ages!

A daily brisk walk can give your body a boost, lift your mood and make everyday activities easier. Whether you would like to give this a go on your own, or with others, we’ve got some great walking challenges to join in with for free, to help you on your way. Now the days are getting warmer, walks help get the blood pumping, ensure you get outside and is a fantastic way to keep your step count up.


Sign Up to our May Big Team Challenge

If you’re a workplace or group, give Big Team Challenge a go! To celebrate Walking Month and Ford RideLondon-Essex coming to back to Essex for the second year, we will be hosting another walking team challenge.

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