Oscar excels at Essex ActivAte club with ATF during the Easter holidays

Essex ActivAte

Across the two-week break of Easter, more than 40,000 spaces were on offer for eligible children and young people at over 200 clubs across Essex and Thurrock! Funded by Department for Education and Active Essex, clubs offered children the chance to get moving with different physical activities, explore Easter enrichment and learn about food, as well as enjoy a nutritious, hot meal!

To further support families during the Easter break, children’s activity and family support booklets were handed out, providing children and parents with different activities to do at home, as well as guidance and resources. Supported by Community Dental Services, oral health packs containing a toothbrush, toothpaste and teeth brushing chart were also given to children who attended Easter clubs, showing them the importance of dental hygiene.

One of our providers, Achievement Through Football (ATF), offer over 10 different clubs across Essex for young people to enjoy activities. Over at the Vange Primary School, Oscar aged 7, loved spending his Easter holiday with ATF and learning new skills!

Nervous at first, Oscar didn’t know anyone at the club, however soon recognised two of his friends at Vange, which instantly made him feel comfortable and at ease.

Oscar’s mum Nicola tells us: “Oscar enjoyed this club and has loved the activities that the club provided! Oscar always came home happy, and this is all you want to see as a parent!”

She also explained how the staff at ATF supported and cared for the children, encouraging them to have fun and get involved with all activities. Nicola loved seeing pictures of Oscar enjoying himself with others at the club, explaining how Carly, a staff member at ATF, had helped him with archery as he had never tried this before, which made Oscar feel confident and proud that he had found a new activity he really loved!

Nicola goes on to say: “Stuart, the club owner is such a lovely guy – you can see straight away the children adore him, as well as the parents! He’s always there at the gate greeting families, also praising children for behaviour. He took the time to do that with Oscar and that meant a lot. This was very reassuring as I know Oscar is vulnerable, so knew he would be in safe hands with Stuart and the team.”

Nicola was pleased that Oscar found the club at Vange, otherwise their holidays could have been very different. Oscar also received a bar of chocolate from Stuart due to his kind natured behaviour, which made him feel over the moon and boosted his confidence.

She also explains: “I feel with Oscar attending this club, it’s really given him a confidence boost and I’m so grateful for that. He’s taken part in activities that he’s never done before, and it’s given him such confidence that he can do anything. A huge thank you to ATF, the team and activities you provide make it a huge success. Thank you everyone – it means a lot what you’ve done not just for Oscar, but as a parent who worries too!”

Thank you to ATF for continuing to be a part of Essex ActivAte and supporting families and children across the county through physical activity, enrichment and food education!

For more information on the holiday activity and food programme with Essex ActivAte, click here.