Active Essex is overseen by a skills-based board recruited via an application and interview process.

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    The role of the Board is to make decisions on the strategic and operational activity of Active Essex. The Board provides leadership, takes into account partners interests, is accountable for its decisions and sets high standards for the organisation.

    Our Board members are recruited via an open advert process, appointed on a skills basis, are independent and reflect the diversity of the stakeholder landscape of Essex.

    Equality Statement 

    It is central to the Active Essex ethos that physical activity and sport should be open and accessible to everybody.  We strongly value diversity and strive to ensure that opportunities are available to all but do recognise that there are inequalities in participation opportunities, which affect specific sections of our communities.

    Equality and the needs of our population are given full regard in all aspects of our work.  Active Essex will embed equalities into the development of the annual Delivery Plan that accompanies their strategic plan.  We are committed to working with our key partners to ensure that actions are in line with good practice so that equality is and remains an integral part of all aspects of our work.

Adrian Coggins

Adrian has been promoting physical activity at local regional and national level for over 20 years. During this time he has been a regular conference speaker and a commissioned author on a number of national physical activity publications as well as pa…

Anne Wafula Strike MBE

Anne Wafula Strike MBE, provides a personal example of courage, commitment and determination that challenges misconceptions about disability. Athlete, author, and sporting ambassador, Anne inspires achievement and excellence across a broad range of lif…

Azeem Akhtar

Working on one of the company’s biggest global outsource contracts, Azeem is currently Global Chief Technology Officer and Head of Engineering at BT.

Bob Mclintock

Bob McLintock has been involved in sport as a participant, teacher, coach, facility manager and event organiser for over 50 years. 

Christine Holmes

Christine Holmes has a coaching background in disability sports and is passionate about ensuring all people can access the same opportunities in sport and physical activity.

Clare Morris

Clare Morris, former chief officer of NHS West Essex CCG will be joining Anne on the board of Active Essex. Clare has previous experience working alongside Active Essex as managing director of Anglia Ruskin Health Partners, working closely with Essex C…

Councillor Derek Jarvis

As a Cabinet Member at Southend-on-Sea Borough Council responsible for Culture, Leisure, Sport, Events and Tourism, Derek is able to identify how best to meet Sport England objectives in the context of current economic constraints.

Councillor Joanne Beavis

Jo Beavis is a County Councillor at Essex County Council from the Halstead Division.  Jo has been involved in local government since 2003 with responsibilities for people, communities and health and wellbeing.

John Wood

I have over 40 years experience working in the sport and leisure sector which has included strategic planning, facility development and operation, business planning and project management. I am the Chair of Active Braintree, a mentor for Sported, a Sch…

Mark Farmer

Mark Farmer was brought up in Essex and has lived here for almost 40 years. Having been brought up and educated in Essex for the last 44 years, I have a passion in ensuring we provide the best chances for all Essex residents, in particular within educa…

Sport England | Currently represented by Marie Hartley

Sport England supports the Active Essex Board as a critical friend and in a non-voting capacity.

Steve Mitchell

Steve is Director of a number of sports-related businesses who share a common theme around people, skills and training. Switch the Play is focussed on athlete transition; Sport for Confidence is committed to making leisure more inclusive; and Physicall…