Contact Name: Grant Greatrex
Organisation: Active Thurrock
Job Title: Active Thurrock Chair

Active Thurrock is one of 14 District Networks set up across Essex to lead, develop and co-ordinate sport and physical activity in partnership with Active Essex. We work closely with local sports clubs, leisure centres and organisations to promote physical activity, health & wellbeing.

If you would like to work with us, please contact:

Grant Greatrex, Chair of Active Thurrock on with ‘Active Thurrock’ in the subject line of your email


Lee Monk – Assistant Relationship Manager (South West Essex) 07917651667


Active Thurrock Funding NOW OPEN

Who can apply for Active Thurrock Funding?

Active Thurrock is inviting expressions of interest from community organisations, groups and professionals to deliver projects within the partnership’s 2019/20 action plan which aim to support the residents of Thurrock become more physically active.

What will Active Thurrock fund?

For 2019/20, Active Thurrock currently has a total of £13,000 to support a range of small and medium sized projects. We envisage funding local and borough-wide projects between £500 and £5000 and that can hit a number of Active Essex’s Changing 1 Million Lives To Get Essex Active Strategy and Thurrock’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy  objectives. To be successful, proposals will need to demonstrate how they have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of Thurrock residents and how they help achieve the strategic objectives of the Thurrock Health and Wellbeing Board, Active Thurrock and wider Active Essex strategy objectives. Projects must also be able to start delivery in 2019 and be able to commit to returning appropriate monitoring and evaluation data.

The strategic priorities of Active Essex are:

  1. Drive and sustain participation: the focus is on more people being active, taking part and living healthy and active lifestyles.
  2. Improve health and wellbeing: the focus is on changing behaviours to reduce inactivity and make a real impact on physical and mental health and wellbeing.
  3. Develop individuals and organisations: the focus is on enabling people and individuals to develop skills, achieve goals and maximise their potential.
  4. Strengthen localities, communities and networks: the focus is on leading, developing and driving the eco-system across Essex, raising the profile and impact of physical activity and sport.

The specifically relevant objectives from Thurrock’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy are:

  1. Objective 2A – Create spaces that make it easier to exercise and be active
  2. Objective 2C – Build strong well connected communities
  3. Objective 3B – Improve children’s emotional health and wellbeing
  4. Objective 3C – Reduce social isolation and loneliness
  5. Objective 5A – Reduce obesity
  6. Objective 5D – Significantly improve the identification and management of long term conditions.

For the 2019/2020 Active Thurrock action plan, we are particularly keen to discuss proposals that focus on:

  1. Tackling inactivity: Inactivity is defined as doing less than 30 minutes of physical activity per week. In Thurrock, physical inactivity is amongst the highest 25%-32% nationally.  28.9% of residents are currently inactive, compared to the national average of 25.7%. The greatest health benefits can be gained from changing behaviours so that residents who are currently inactive become active.
  2. Women and girls: Female participation in sport and physical activity in Thurrock is amongst the lowest in the East of England. 31.8% of females in Thurrock are inactive compared to 26.9% in Essex.  Interventions may be women only and can include childcare provision.  Sessions could include fitness classes, dance, running groups or competitive sports.
  3. Outdoors health: Encouraging residents to take part in sport and physical activity in outdoor spaces and Active Travel opportunities.
  4. Sport for social change: target specific audiences such as young people, difficult to reach audiences and those not in education employment or training (NEETS).
  5. Active Aging: Evidence suggests that the older somebody is the less likely they are to be active.  A programme of sport and physical activity to include all potential abilities for residents aged 60+ such as chair based exercise, walking, cycling, multi-sport.
  6. Mental Health: Physical activity has a huge potential to enhance our wellbeing and has been shown to have a positive impact on our mood, relieves stress and anxiety and increase self-esteem.

*Statistics from Active Lives Survey 2018

What we will not fund:

  1. Projects based or predominately benefiting residents outside of the Thurrock unitary authority area.
  2. Replacement of equipment. We may fund extra equipment if it produces new sporting benefits and if you can demonstrate clearly why it is needed.
  3. Items which only benefit an individual. This may include bursaries or kit and equipment that is not shared. We may fund playing kits for new teams or for teams that have not had a kit. We are unlikely to fund kit for training or coaches and other items of clothing.
  4. We may fund coaching costs or fixed term positions needed to meet a specific project requirement. But funding of coaches must be clearly additional to usual club/organisation expenditure and they must be appropriately qualified.
  5. Used road vehicles
  6. Activities that the government has a legal obligation to fund. This may include sport sessions that take place in school during curriculum time. We also cannot fund any previously state-funded activity or replace state funding where it is due to end.
  7. Projects that take place or incur costs before the date of the offer letter. This includes any form of deposits and costs associated in submitting the application.
  8. Contingency costs and VAT you can recover.
  9. Projects involving travel to another country. We won’t fund travel to another country where a similar sporting benefit can be gained in England.
  10. Sponsorship, endowments or loan repayments.

How to apply:

Complete the Active Thurrock Application Form and return by email to Liz Ulph by Sunday 31 st March. Your application should include “Active Thurrock 2019/20 Application” in the subject line of your email.

Project Timescales:

  • Applications open: 6th February 2019
  • Completed application forms to be returned to Liz Ulph, by 31st March. All emails to include “Active Thurrock 2019/20 Application” in the subject box.
  • Active Thurrock Panel meets to decide which projects are included in the Active Thurrock action plan on Mid April
  • Bidders will then be notified of decision Early May
  • Service Level Agreements signed by Mid May
  • Delivery to begin in 2019.